Caribbean Beach Resort- Review

This past September, Travis and I decided to take a little trip for our anniversary. This was only our second stay on Disney property and we weren’t really sure which resort to choose. Our budget wasn’t huge but we knew that we wanted to stay in a moderate resort because they have more comfortable beds than the value resorts. And as it usually happens, it came down to what resort we could get at the best price and also a king size bed- we were booking late and so our choices were a bit limited in our budget. We landed on Caribbean Beach Resort because it fit the bill and weren’t exactly sure what to expect. This was also the weekend after Hurricane Irma hit our area and I’m happy to say that, aside from a few downed trees, the resort was in perfect condition (you’ve gotta love that Disney magic). We loved it so much that we took our daughters back for a trip in January. (click for full size)

We stayed there again a couple of weekends ago and the room was great, as usual, but we didn’t have a fold out bed in this room. Of course, we didn’t need one, so I included a picture from a previous trip (before I was blogging so please pardon the towels on the floor). I love that a mini fridge is included in the room as well. This particular one is more shallow than a typical mini fridge but we’ve been able to stash bottles of water, fresh fruit, etc. which is a life saver.

Now, Caribbean Beach is currently under construction and so there are some inconveniences to contend with. The major inconvenience is that there’s no food court. The current food options are a few markets in Aruba, Jamaica and Martinique, Centertown Food Truck, Centertown Buffet, Centertown Bar, the recently opened Spyglass Grill, & Late Night Pizza Delivery. We had breakfast at the buffet every morning which was wonderful, my favorite being the Carved Breakfast Ham with Spiced Pineapple Glaze- yum! There’s plenty of protein on the buffet to start your day along with fresh fruit, oatmeal, yogurt & Mickey Waffles- seriously, all you can eat Mickey Waffles!

We recently stayed at Port Orleans Riverside (my review of that here) and I like that resort but I love this one. Although I did notice that the check in area at Caribbean Beach is much less spectacular than Port Orleans Riverside. Thankfully, the remodel should be done in the fall and it’s supposed to be wonderful.

Caribbean Beach Resort is very large and has it’s rooms divided up into villages that are named after islands in the Caribbean. We prefer to stay in Jamaica for two very important reasons, 1. It’s yellow and that’s one of my favorite colors (I almost wish I was kidding) and 2. It’s a lovely walk across the bridge to get to Centertown where the buffet, food truck and the pirate themed pool are located. But if you decide to stay once the remodel is done, Martinique is the very best spot to stay in my opinion. For our stay last weekend I had requested to stay in Jamaica again but they weren’t able to accommodate us and we ended up in Martinique. Thankfully, Martinique is blue and very pretty so it was fine (I seriously have a thing with color). It also is the closest to what will be a newly built Old Port Royale, which will have a food court, shops, and is very close to the themed Pirate Pool. Of course, construction isn’t pretty. The good news though is that Travis and I couldn’t hear noise from this construction site or from the under construction Riviera Resort that will be part of the Disney Vacation Club and is a short walk from Martinique. So, if you’re concerned about construction noise I don’t think that would be a problem. Travis and I always sleep with a fan at home so we use a fan app on my phone when we’re at a hotel so that likely helps as well.

Each “island” in the resort has its own quiet pool that isn’t themed and we had a good time swimming there also. If you want to swim in the themed pool I recommend swimming either early in the morning or later in the evening because it can get pretty crowded. Thankfully, I was able to get some pictures from the themed pool before it opened our last morning there. (Click to see each picture individually)

This pool is certainly photogenic. With two water slides, a kiddie splash area, a spa, and the pirate theme it’s just a fun spot for pictures. I also tried to work in some techniques that I learned in a recent photography class. I could take pictures at this resort all day.

So, even though I prefer to stay in Jamaica or Martinique you could also stay in Aruba and Trinidad and still be able to get to things pretty easily (although Trinidad is pink and Aruba is a ghastly shade of purple and pink if that matters to you). I really wouldn’t stay in Trinidad South though if you can help it. There’s a main road that separates it from the rest of the property and it isn’t walkable to anything. They do offer transportation within the resort but it just takes that much longer to get anywhere you’d like to go. Here’s a picture so you can see what I’m talking about.


Will we stay here again? Yes, absolutely. I really want to see the improvements once they’re finished but I since I’m a Disney blogger I should probably stay in some different resorts so that I can review them as well. Even under construction though, I love this one. So with that, I’ll leave you with some more photos of the grounds.









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