Magic Kingdom Eats- Review

Travis and I decided to brave the rain yesterday for a  Memorial Day visit to The Magic Kingdom. Last year was a surprisingly slow day, especially for a holiday but we weren’t sure what to expect with a tropical storm passing through The Gulf of Mexico. It was raining heavily when we got to the Ticket and Transportation Center and just as we got to the Monorail station the clouds burst open and sent everyone running for cover. It was still pouring when we got off the monorail but by the time we’d scanned our Magic Bands to get in the park it had halted to a drizzle and by the time we passed Casey’s Corner I took my poncho off and the sun came out…because that’s how Florida rolls 🙂 The crowd was moderate even after droves of people left during the rain. But enough about that, let’s get to the food!

We were ready for an early dinner after we used our first FP+ and since we’d ridden Thunder Mountain we headed for Pecos Bill’s. I usually opt for their fajita platter but this time we noticed some menu changes. You can now get a cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger, a southwest salad that you can add beef or chicken to or a taco trio with beef, spicy beef, chicken or spicy breaded cauliflower. You can find their full menu here.

Travis and I decided to try the tacos for $10.99 and since we’re not vegetarians we decided to skip the cauliflower. I chose chicken and beef and Travis chose chicken and spicy beef. What’s the difference you ask? Well, the beef is the barbacoa that they serve on the fajita platter while the spicy beef tasted like regular taco meat.


The tacos come in a handy tray and a stop to the fixin’s bar is a must to top your tacos. I’m sad that they did away with the salsa verde which was my favorite but their regular salsa is good. Guac used to come on the fixin’s bar also but now it’s extra which is a bummer. You can still get a nice variety of things like their corn relish, jalapenos, sour cream and cheese, etc. Unfortunately by the time we hit the fixin’s bar and found a table my chicken taco was very cold. We should have split up and one of us hit the fixin’s bar while the other waited for the food. The beef taco was good and Travis liked his spicy beef taco a lot. Overall it was too much food for both of us, even though we were very hungry. That’s one thing I can say for Disney food. It’s definitely more expensive than eating off property but they normally serve very large portions.

So, after lunch we did a few more attractions and decided to have dessert. I’d been hearing some buzz about the Orange Dole soft serve at Sunshine Tree Terrace so we decided to give it a try. I ordered the Orange Cream Cup and Travis ordered the Orange Cream Float- the only difference between the two is orange soda. And as you can clearly see our ice cream started melting immediately- it was that hot and humid.

I’m an unashamed fan of Dole Whip, as are a lot of people I suppose. I love it’s intense pinapple-y goodness and I expected that an orange version of that would be very orangey but, alas, it was not. It seemed slightly orangey which was muted even further by the vanilla ice cream. I hadn’t wanted to get the float because it was so big but I tried a bite of Trav’s and in order to have my desired kick of orange, the soda was definitely necessary. It’s still a refreshing, fruity treat that’s great on a hot day it’s just not my favorite. But if the original Citrus Swirl is too intense for you I think you might really like the Orange Cream version.

Okay, that’s it for today. What are your Magic Kingdom favorites? Sound off in the comments!


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