Finding Nemo- The Musical- Review

Last year was the first year that my family had annual passes. During that year we visited Disney at least 50 times and even with such a large number of visits there were things we hadn’t done but wanted to (keep that in mind when you’re planning a Disney vacation- you just can’t do everything in one trip so pick the things that are the most important to you). Finding Nemo- The Musical was one of those things. We don’t usually visit the parks on the weekends, preferring to visit during weekdays or after Travis gets off work, so there are shows that we couldn’t see because we always got to the park too late to see them. This past Friday I took our middle daughter & friends to Animal Kingdom for an early birthday celebration. Since I knew that the teenagers would ditch me the second we stepped off the tram I made a FP+ reservation for myself for Finding Nemo- The Musical. I knew that Travis would be bummed about not being able to see it but it was such a great show that I don’t mind seeing it again.

I wondered if I’d need a FastPass+ for this attraction and I wholeheartedly recommend it if this show is important to you. I got to the theater at the very end of my FP+ window and right after I found a seat they let the standby guests in and it was a flood of people. I’ll add that this was a moderately high volume day- I’ve seen it busier but there were still a lot of people there. The show ran for 37 minutes according to my watch and if you had a FP+ you could have nearly an hour of air conditioned seating or a seat out of the rain so keep that in mind for a mid-day break.

Outside of knowing that this was a show with puppets, I didn’t know anything else about it and I was very pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was. This might be a controversial opinion but I liked it better than Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood studios (which is still very good). The musical took you through the entire movie, the only scenes they left out were the angler fish chase scene and the whale scene. The puppets showed facial expressions and the actors that held them were mic’d and all of their lines and songs were performed live. I was a music major in college and it’s been a long time since I was able to enjoy a performance given by that level of talent.

The sets were sparse but that gave the elaborate puppets an opportunity to shine. It also enabled the actors to change scenes quickly.

All-in-all it was completely enjoyable and I think that any Finding Nemo fan would love it. (Also, I was having trouble with my DSLR so I snapped all of these with my Samsung Galaxy S8)

So, what’s your favorite show at Disney? Sound off in the comments.




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