Epcot Eats- Review- Update

Electric Umbrella is a quick service restaurant that’s popularity is most likely due to it’s proximity to the entrance of Future World. The menu has offered the standard cheeseburger & chicken nuggets with a salad thrown in for good measure. They also had a falafel sandwich (which I never tried) to switch things up a bit. But when my youngest daughter and I visited last week I was surprised to see that the menu had changed a bit. I was only able to try one new thing since it was just the two of us.

I ordered the Brisket Sandwich which is a departure for me. I’ve never tried beer cheese before. The Brisket Sandwich is a slow-cooked Smoked Beef Brisket Marinated in Au Jus and Guinness on top a Toasted Roll covered with Homemade Beer Cheese and served with French Fries for $10.99.


This was surprisingly tasty. The cheese sauce had more depth than a standard cheese sauce that you’d find at the parks. The brisket was nicely done and not greasy and I loved that the roll was toasted. I could have shared this with Travis because, well, meat+cheese+fries= super filling. It was a nice change of pace from a burger though. Updated 5-26-18- Travis and I wanted something to share shortly before the park closed last night and were a bit limited in our options so we got this to share. Unlike last time the meat and cheese was super salty and the bun was fall-apart soggy. We both disliked it very much so I recommend that you not order it.
Halle ordered a kids meal of mac-n-cheese for $6.49- The kids meals are served with Dannon® Danimals® Smoothie, Apple Slices and choice of small Lowfat Milk or small Dasani® Bottled Water
On the menu it says that it’s for kids 9 and under but we order kids meals for our teenagers all the time. We also sometimes order them for ourselves because they often come with fruit or carrots and can be plenty of food if we’re not overly hungry. So it’s a great way to save a little money. Our girls love their mac-n-cheese. I also love that since Electric Umbrella has a drink station, it’s one of the few restaurants that you can get free refills at. We also refill our water bottles here. The other places to do that are Starbucks which has an ice water station or Sunshine Seasons in The Land pavilion. You can also get a free cup of ice water at any spot that offers fountain drinks.
As we headed on to World Showcase we got soft serve ice cream in Africa and stopped to try Frushi in Japan.

Frushi is fruit rolled up in coconut rice and it’s absolutely delicious. I wasn’t too sure about it for me but Halle is crazy for coconut rice and she loved it. She grudgingly gave me a bite and I loved it too. We also had an amazing time hanging out in Japan. I seem to find something new to do at Epcot no matter how many times I’ve been.

So what’s your favorite thing to do or eat at Epcot? Let me know in the comments.



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