Port Orleans Riverside- Review

Last weekend our girls were going to be out of town for a church function and since Travis and I were going to be home alone, we toyed with the idea of going to a Disney resort for a couple of days. When I found a good deal at the last minute we decided to definitely go. I get e-mails from Disney all the time telling me about all the specials they’re offering on resorts but I’ve never been able to get one of those deals as they’re usually gone by the time I get to them. When you add in a last minute opening for a lunch reservation for, Be Our Guest this weekend just seemed meant to be.

Port Orleans Riverside is a moderate resort set in the antebellum south with the main building styled like a steamship ticket station. It’s set on the Sassagoula River and one of the things that I love is that you can take a boat from the resort to Disney Springs.



Moderate resorts on Disney property have the advantage of queen size beds in a standard room as well as a pull-out bed that a younger child could sleep on. After having stayed at Port Orleans and also, Caribbean Beach Resort my opinion of their rooms is that while they are very nice they’re also very small and the shower area is tiny, even though they can sleep 5. Travis and I stayed for our anniversary this past September (the same week that Irma came through) and our room with a king size bed was great but when you put two queen size beds in the same size room it feels very cramped. Which we realized when we went back to Caribbean Beach in January with our two teenage daughters. Just our luggage took up a lot of space and we weren’t traveling with strollers or other things for babies or toddlers. I realize that some travelers aren’t planning on spending a lot of time in the room itself outside of sleeping and the size of the room may not matter but it does to my family if we’re going to be there for more than a couple of days.

Our room was in the Alligator Bayou section of the resort and, in usual Disney fashion, the theming was spot on.




IMG_1444 - Copy

I would say that the mattress on the pullout is a bit longer than a toddler bed but it’s definitely not twin size. It’s also a bit firm so keep that in mind if you have light sleepers or kids that have trouble getting comfortable. 


I love the washboard detail on the vanity. Disney thinks of all the little things.


The countertops are a lovely quartz and add a bit of elegance to a room that is rather rustic.


The shower has wood-look tiles and a slate floor. I could have lived without the bass shower curtain but it went with the rustic theme.


There are also a lot of recreational things to do on property as well. Each separate area of the resort has its own “quiet pool”. These pools aren’t themed at all but are less crowded than the themed pool. Ol’ Man Island is near the Lobby and features a larger, themed pool and a water slide.


In all honesty, this pool seemed small for the themed pool in this resort. We’ve stayed at a couple of other Disney resorts and the pools were much larger. This one is still nice but Travis and I were both surprised at how small it was.

You can also rent Surrey Bikes, rent a boat for a fishing excursion, go fishing, do sunrise Yoga, or watch a movie under the stars. There really is enough to do to keep you busy without going to a theme park. We rented Surrey Bikes and it was really fun and a great way to see the entire resort. Travis seemed to think we were on the Tour De France so we saw it really fast our first lap around but the second time he stopped to let me take pictures.

There are also options for eating on property. Riverside Mill is a food court that serves breakfast lunch and dinner. We thought that the food was pretty good and there were a lot of options which we liked a lot. There is also, River Roost which is a full service bar and, Boatwright’s Dining Hall that serves dinner and reservations are recommended.

All-in-all, I thought that Port Orleans Riverside was a great resort with wonderful theming and amenities. It’s perfect for a short stay for us and we loved how many things there were to do and that there was a food court so we didn’t have to leave the resort to get food. I recommend it especially if you have smaller kids or a little princess that would love to stay in a Royal Guest Room and really have a princess experience. If my girls were still little we would definitely stay in one of those rooms.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and let me know what your favorite resort is in the comments.




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