Rivers of Light- Review

Travis and I were able to see Rivers of Light recently at Animal Kingdom and I was honestly blown away by how good it was. Unlike the nighttime shows at the other three parks this one is unique in that they can’t use any fireworks because of the animals in the park. But I think limitations like that helped the creative process on this one because they do some pretty spectacular things. So spectacular, in fact, that this show made my #2 spot for nighttime shows in any park. Rivers of Light utilizes lighted floats, boats, actors and projection mapping to conjure up a show that is truly unique. The pre-show is entertaining as well, with projections onto surrounding trees in shapes of all sorts of different animals and there are also some actors that interact with the audience


The turtles and owls were my favorite floats but they were all beautiful.


I also loved the boat.



This show is one that you can get a Fastpass+ for. Whether or not you should get one depends on how crowded the park is going to be. Currently, they’re having two shows per night. The first time Travis and I tried to see the show we had FastPasses and got there as soon as our window of time opened. It was in September and it was still pretty hot outside. Since the arena seats are made of stone they absorb a lot of heat throughout the day that doesn’t dissipate for quite a while after the sun goes down. So we sat there for 45 minutes waiting for the show to start while our buns were toasting. I imagine that it’s worse in July and August because it’s also extra humid then, add in 5,000 people that Cast Members are constantly admonishing you to “fill in all the available space” and well, you’ve got the idea. It’s hot.

We didn’t end up seeing the show after all that waiting because it kept getting delayed and since we could see lightning in the distance we figured it would get canceled all together. We were wrong, of course, as the music started when we hit the exit of the arena- c’est la vie. Last week though we got there ten minutes before it started, got a great seat and the weather was perfect- thankfully we didn’t have hot cross buns this time! If it’s really important that you see this then I’d get a Fastpass+ or be prepared to get in line at least an hour before they let people into the arena.

Here’s an excerpt from the ending. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite nighttime show? Sound off in the comments!






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