Flametree Barbeque Review


Disney always gives Annual Passholders exclusive perks and the one we loved the most last year was 20% off of food at select restaurants. Sadly, that perk doesn’t exist anymore but Flametree Barbeque in Animal Kingdom was one of the discounted restaurants and so we ate there quite often. It’s also the first restaurant that you smell when you’re in Discovery Island as it sits just before the entrance to DinoLand USA. It’s a little pricier than a lot of the quick service options at other parks but the food is typically really good. I say typically because it’s been good every time except our last visit and this review covers two different experiences.

So, here’s the lowdown-

French Fries with Pulled Pork and Cheese- $6.79


A mound of fries is topped with pulled pork and cheese sauce. It’s one side item on the menu that could be a meal and at $6.79 is a good value. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because I thought that the cheese would be like the cheese sauce I used to get on nachos at the local skating rink, slightly cheesy but super salty. This wasn’t like that at all. It complemented the pork and fries well and the bell pepper garnish was a nice little pop of pepper that I really liked. We added spicy barbeque sauce and loved it.

Ribs and Chicken Combo- $15.49


This was, sadly, the worst item we’ve ever had at any Disney park. The ribs, which are usually fall-off-the-bone tender were in, Travis’ words, “like rib jerky”. The chicken was dry too. They were so bad that, Travis said if the restaurant hadn’t been so busy he’d have taken it back. It’s also a thigh and drumstick portion of chicken which I don’t like at all. The beans and coleslaw are always good. This was pretty out of character for this restaurant so it’s unfortunate that it just happened to be a meal I had decided to write about.

The next three items were from a different meal and our experience was very different.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Pulled Pork, topped with Onion Ring and Coleslaw- $11.99.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo for this since both of our girls ordered it and dug in before I had a chance to sit down. We’d waited a little too long to eat that day. They asked for no coleslaw on top since neither of them like it. It was also too much food for either one to finish and as you can imagine it was quite filling. My 16 year old said that the mac-n-cheese wasn’t as good as it normally is in the parks. It was less cheesy and more oily but she liked it with the barbeque and said she’d definitely order it again.

Smoked Pulled Pork sandwich topped with Coleslaw and served with Baked Beans- $10.99


Travis and I often share food but as I mentioned already, we had waited too long to eat. So, he got the sandwich expecting to get some of my food as well. The sandwich was fine, not a stand-out but good and it’s one of the less expensive options.

Ribs, Chicken, & Pulled Pork Sampler, served with Beans and Coleslaw- $18.99


This is the most expensive item on the menu and it was also pretty darn tasty. The pork was fine, not a standout, but the chicken and ribs were both fall-off-the-bone tender. Travis had the wing and 3/4 of the ribs and I had the breast and pork. We shared the sides and still had food leftover. Overall, I think this was the best out of the bunch. On the downside, this used to come with jalapeno cornbread that was amazing but isn’t offered anymore.

And here’s the entire menu-


So, what are your favorite Animal Kingdom restaurants? Let me know in the comments.



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