Don’t Forget…Really…And What Happens When You Do

I’m not a Disney newbie. I don’t remember my first trip but since my parents moved to Florida a year after the park opened and I was born shortly after that I know I was really young. And the first thing my dad would do every.single.time. (before he bought a Citrus Swirl) was write down our parking lot character and row. I mean, really, it’s Disney 101. In this digital age, taking a photo is also a good idea. I took this photo at Animal Kingdom.


So, a few days ago my youngest daughter, Halle and I decided to take a trip to Epcot. It was the Monday after the Spring Break crowds left and the park wasn’t very crowded. On slow days like that you can sit on a tram for 10 minutes or so while they wait for it to fill up. And since it’s not a very long walk to the front gate from the parking lot we decided to hoof it. The downside to this is that you don’t have the tram operator to remind you where you parked so that you remember to write it down. So, we walked and talked and took pictures and had a nice time just walking to the gate.


After several hours at the park we were tired, hungry and ready to go home. This time we did catch a tram and halfway to our parking area I realized that I hadn’t written our row number down. Ugh! Did I mention that I was already tired, hungry and ready to go home?

So, we walked and looked and walked an looked for, Gypsy (my car). The difficulty in finder her was compounded by the fact that Cast Members were using our now half empty lot to park guests that were just arriving. So, in addition to looking for my car we also tried to not be roadkill. It took about a half hour of walking (and also some praying) and we finally found her because we’d been hitting the alarm button on my key fob steadily the entire time. I heard several alarms before that so it was hard to tell which car was mine and I also ran into a family that had also forgotten to write down where they’d parked and thought that my alarm was theirs. I finally found our parking spot- much farther out in the lot and farther down the row than I’d remembered parking.

So, a tip here is to have a designated person to write down or take a picture of your lot name and row, otherwise you’ll do a lot more walking than you’d bargained for that day. Also, if you do forget you can do what a lot of people do and hit your alarm button continually until you find it. All-in-all we wasted a half hour trying to find my car and that can be easily avoided.






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