That Time We Lost a Backpack on Space Mountain

So, for my very first post on this blog (not my first post ever because I’ve been blogging for a long time) I thought I’d share a story about the night our middle daughter, Chloe, lost her back pack on Space Mountain and what you should do if you lose something important on a ride.


About this time last year my family was visiting Disney very often because we had recently moved back to Central Florida after living in the Nashville, TN area for many years and because the weather this time of year is pretty much perfect. And for reference my idea of perfect Disney weather is any day that I’m not sweating. Nighttime is especially wonderful because it gets chilly and if you’re in the Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland is lit up beautifully.

On this particular night we Buttons had decided to separate with, Travis taking, Halle, our youngest, on a ride and, Chloe talked me into going on Space Mountain. I wasn’t really keen on going because I’d ridden it shortly before that trip and even though I usually like rollercoasters and even though I’d ridden it before, I didn’t like it that time. The difference between that time and every other time is that I rode in the very front seat. It wasn’t the speed that bothered me since Space Mountain doesn’t go over 35mph but it was that it was dark and I couldn’t see what was happening. And also, being on the front I felt kind of like a hood ornament on a car. Anyway, Chloe promised that she’d ride in the front if we were assigned to the front two seats and that’s exactly what happened. I discovered a couple of things during the ride 1) I’m fine with it (even though it’s never going to be my favorite) as long as I’m not in the first seat and 2) I like the Omega track better than Alpha. As our ride came to an end I noticed that, Chloe was searching around frantically and was starting to panic. I asked her what was wrong and she said her backpack was gone! The Cast Member at the end of the ride noticed her panicked state too and asked us to disembark and talk to her supervisor, Fred. He was very helpful and asked if she knew where her backpack flew out, if there was anything vital in it like medication and for my phone number to contact me at the end of the night. Since the only important thing in her bag was her cellphone they were not willing to shut the ride down to look for it. I understood, of course, that the hundreds of people waiting for the ride shouldn’t have to wait longer or not get to ride at all because of that. So, he instructed us to go to City Hall at the end of the night and said that they should have the bag by 45 minutes after the park closed. Since it closed at 11 that night we were going to have to wait for a while.

We decided to make the best of things and rode a few more rides- because when the park is open that late wait times for rides decrease significantly after the, Happily Ever After fireworks show and even more so after 10PM.

After the park closed and we did a little shopping in The Emporium we made our way to City Hall. It was before 11:45 but we decided to just check and see if it had been found yet. But since this is Space Mountain and guests will be getting in line for it right up until park closing it hadn’t been found yet. So we had a seat with about 50 other guests that were looking for things and chatted for a bit. Mostly we were talking about what could have happened to the backpack and were wondering if it had been torn to shreds by the rollercoaster, or if the phone had fallen from a great height and was shattered, and we were hoping that it hadn’t fallen on anyone. A good tip here though is that if a Cast Member asks for your phone number you probably shouldn’t do what I did and stick your phone in your backpack or whatever bag you’re carrying because then you might miss their call- which I did. He left a message and I called him back and left a message and then he called me back again and was able to get through to let me know that the backpack was found and was on it’s way to City Hall. When we were finally able to retrieve her bag it was in perfect shape and the phone was too!

It was after midnight by the time we were finally able to leave the park which meant that the Monorail had quit running for the night (the Monorail runs for 1 hour after park closing) so we had to catch the ferry instead. And after catching the ferry and making our way across The Seven Seas Lagoon we made it to the trams with two minutes to spare since they stop running and hour and a half after the park closes. Then we made the 45 minute drive home and fell into bed around 2am- whew!

So, if you lose something important on a ride-

1. Make sure to let a Cast Member know right away.

2. Keep your cool and trust that they really do want to get your item(s) back to you.

3. Don’t expect them to shut the ride down unless you’ve lost something that’s vital to your survival. Cell phones don’t count, insulin does.

4. Keep your cell phone handy.

5. If you’re staying on property or if you’re coming back the next day the Cast Members at City Hall will give you other options for retrieving what you’ve lost. The option that I remember a year after the fact was that they would send it to The Ticket and Transportation Center for The Magic Kingdom and possibly they would have sent it to our resort if we’d been staying at one- not 100% sure on that one.

So, that’s our story, it was a night to remember for sure and all-in-all we had a great time. How about you? Have you lost something on a ride? Sound off in the comments.



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